Monday, March 21, 2011

Tarot for the Week 3/21 to 3/27

This week's cards from the Tarot of the Sidhe show a definite change in things from the last two weeks.  The energy from the last couple of weeks have had a very outward feeling.  Things seemed to be very focused a little bit more on inward things, personal direction and growth.  It makes sense to me with yesterday being Ostara or the Spring Equinox.  There was the struggle to break free and bloom in the last few weeks and now it'll be time to start laying the ground work for real growth.

The cards pulled for this week are:
Maker Four
Maker Nine
Dreamer Prince

(you can click on the image to see a larger one; I've also included another picture of Maker Nine because the flash washed out that one a little...)

Since I don't believe that we've seen many Makers before, let me just remind those familiar with traditional tarot images that the Makers are Pentacles or Coins and Dreamers are Swords.

As the week gets started we might be feeling a bit worn from the last few weeks and all that has been going on around us and even in the world, and we might be feeling like we need to just sit and do nothing.  A feeling of "fullness", like the kind of fullness after a big meal that leaves you feeling tired and sluggish may be with you early in the week.  I also keep hearing the world "hoarding" but it seems to be the hoarding of emotions and time.  You may be feeling like you need to keep to yourself and not spend too much time or energy on people around you.  If you feel you need to be a little bit selfish this week in those regards, that's OK to a point.  Just be mindful of those around you as well and be sure that you're not hurting anyone around you in the process.

By midweek it's time to start "branching out" so to speak. You'll be feeling more revived and you'll be able to go out into the world feel good about connecting with others.  You may find that by midweek it will be a good time to start doing some career related networking.  Reach out to others who may be able to share ideas with you that could lead to a new and exciting project.  If you've been feeling stuck lately or feeling like nothing is moving along for you it could be because energy like that of Maker Four, that inward and somewhat greedy energy, has kept you from connecting with others that could be helpful to you.  Make a point to reconnect with people whether it's through emails or phone calls if a face to face visit isn't possible.  Just let people know you're out there and looking to make a connection again.

As the week winds down you might find that some of those connections have lead to some great new ideas but the key will be to take the time to hone in on the good one, fleshing out the possible work and projects that can yield something for you rather than letting your mind run so wild that both the good and the bad ideas just fly free without any attachment.  You might find that keeping a journal of your thoughts and sudden sparks of creative insight will help you to keep track of things so that you can sit and talk with the right people about them for the future.  It's a great thing to feel so free and feel that you can do so many things but the difference between the creative and successful person and the consummate dreamer is the ability to focus on the truly brilliant ideas when the time is right. 

I thought I'd throw in a little numerology this week too...
The reading totals a 4, a number that resonates with building, construction, and bringing things into order.  This week you'll find that getting these ideas and possible new projects that will revive you into a sound order will be important (perfectly aligned with the springtime energy of renewal).  The trick with 4 is that it can also cause us to become overly cautious and make us over think what we're doing.  That can happen with the Dreamer Prince too.  He can be so full of ideas that some he let's go of easily while others are thought about to the point of insanity.  Find your balance this week and create order among the mental chaos.

A little side note...As I was taking the picture of the cards I got a line in my head that I thought was interesting to have pop up.  In the movie "Wayne's World" (yes, I really am about to make a "Wayne's World" reference...that's just how my angels and guides work) there is a part where Rob Lowe's character is showing the Wayne, Garth, and Cassandra his apartment and Cassandra says "I feel so free up here" to which Benjamin says "It costs a lot to live this free."  I think that can certainly be applied to the idea of the Dreamer Prince and his free thinking.