Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tarotscopes for March 2011

Tarotscopes for the month of March
The energy with March coming in is often bright, new, fresh. Spring is coming on the 20ht and flowers are starting to pop up. For me this means spring flowers popping up at the store. Last week I bought a few bunches of daffodils that still hadn’t bloomed. I brought them home and put them in a vase on my desk and spend the next three days or so watching them bloom. Over those days, which I found magickal and interesting, I realized that we rarely get the chance to watch flowers bloom. We buy cut flowers at the peak of their power or we plant seeds and then wait for them to pop up out of the ground but not always noticing the process.

I think it’s important that we do take that time. When we see it in nature we see how reflects in our own life; it’s the idea of reflection between nature and the human experience. This month consider yourself a spring flower of renewal still tight in the bud. Use your tarotscope to help feed you so you can bloom during the month.

This month’s readings were done with Emily Carding’s Tarot of the Sidhe. If you're new to this deck, it follows a different system for the suits.

Maker = Pentacles
Warrior = Wands
Dreamer = Swords
Dancer = Cups

Aries – Maker King & Dreamer Eight
This month you might find yourself questioning your ability to build and create in the present and instead looking back on the things you have done in the past and feeling that you can’t live up to your former glory. It can be tough when you think you already did your best work or that you’ve peaked early in your career, but this isn’t true. This is just your ego testing you and pushing you to go further. Take time this month to explore other ways you can possibly express yourself that you haven’t worked with in the past.

Taurus – Warrior Princess & The Hanged Man
You may find yourself put in positions this month that are out of the ordinary and cause you to have to change your perspective on some long held ideas and values. At first things may be a little intimidating or possibly have you feeling really put out, but there’s nothing to worry about. You have the strength and the courage to change yourself for the better. Don’t worry about what others might think by making these changes. You’ll find that through the process you’ll be living more as your authentic self and for that it’s worth any flack you might have to fight against.

Gemini – Dreamer Three & Warrior Seven
Whether it’s something that’s a new wound or an old one, something that has caused a broken heart or that has made you feel a great loss of the soul is going to become a focus for this month. It’s not something that you’re feeling that you are still dwelling on but something that you’re ready to move on from. However, for you, moving on may involve having to go back a little bit in order to right some wrongs. If you feel compelled to go back and talk to those people involved this month to try and clear your name or defend yourself, be sure you’re really ready. You may find you’re reopening old wounds that really don’t need to be opened again.

Cancer – Dreamer Princess & The World
You might find that this month the Universe keeps asking you a few really specific questions; what do you have to teach the world? What life experiences do you have to share that you haven’t yet? Something that you have experienced, from start to finish, has created a story within you that the world needs to hear. Whether it’s teaching a skill or talent that you have acquired or if it’s writing or talking about a life experience that you have been through, you’re going to find that you’ll not only be helping others but you’ll help yourself as well. Through sharing you’ll continue to learn, grow, and heal and you’ll find that it will help you bring yourself into even more harmony with the Universe around you.

Leo – The Magician & Strength
Bringing together all the smaller skills and abilities you have in order to create something bigger and more sustainable can be a lot of work. The process of building and creating for yourself, like in the case of building a business or your putting your career on track, can be tiring. It can also be a bit scary. But the key here is to take your time letting the fires grow before you run ahead too far with things. Take your time. You have the strength and stamina to see this through the long haul so don’t feel the need to rush into anything. Find what you really want to do to build and grow your true life’s work, the thing that really helps you to speak your truth and build it.

Virgo – The Lovers & Maker Five
Things might be a little rough this month with your partner, or possible with one of your closest friendships. You may be feeling like you’re being kept in the dark and getting the cold shoulder a bit. There’s a very delicate balance in this relationship and something has caused it to fall out of synch this month. Before you get too worried about where things are headed with that, give yourself some time to let your partner to retreat and be within themselves for a bit. There are times when we spend so much time connected to someone that we don’t have a chance to be ourselves. All a little time this month for personal time and growth and things will come back into balance on their own.

Libra- Justice & Dreamer Nine
You’ve worked hard to bring something that was out of balance back into balance once again, but something still isn’t right. This month you might find that all the work you have put into your outer world (work, money, relationships, etc) but something deeper with your inner world is still out of whack. You may find this to be a month where you’re not resting so well, dealing with tossing thoughts and sleepless nights. Something you may have said or a conversation with someone is particularly on your mind this month. Don’t drive yourself crazy playing these things over and over in your mind. What’s in the past is in the past, so do your best this month to let go of these past things, find the lesson that will help you gain some balance, and then move forward.

Scorpio – Warrior Five & Warrior Prince
The month might be starting out feeling like no matter what you do nothing seems to be going right. You may especially be feeling like someone is actively trying to hold you back from achieving things that you are after. Your success in the past may be threatening to those around you who feel like because of your go-getting and success that they aren’t able to get a chance to be recognized. This may be difficult on a personal level but this month you may find that hanging back will be the best thing for you. You’ll find other ways to shine and fill your spirit this month. Nothing can truly hold you back, but sometimes you do need to hold yourself back.

Sagittarius – Dreamer Ten & The Sun
The last few months for you have probably had a great deal of ups and downs. You may have been especially feeling like you haven’t been able to let go of some things from the recent past, but even more you may feel like some of these things wont let go of you. It’s like the quote from The Godfather “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.” Do you want to grab hold of the hand of a guide on the sunnier side of things? You can if you’re willing to really leave everything else behind and move forward into the light. That might sound easy, but sometimes it’s not; you have to really be willing to leave behind the things and people that have been weighing you down. There just isn’t a place for them next to you in the sun.

Capricorn – The Elder & Dancer King
There is a great deal of wisdom to be learned this month through partnering with the Divine and the world around you this month. You may have been feeling like there is a sense of spiritual unrest within. Your guides, especially your animal guides, are waiting for you to come and partner with them this month. If you have any experience with shamanic journey technique this month will be a good time to go into shamanic space and work with your guides. If you’ve never done this before and you haven’t met your power animals or shamanic guides, now is the perfect time to do it. There is a calling for you to gain more wisdom from the other worlds and it’s time to learn and use the techniques to access that information.

Aquarius – Warrior Six & The Tower
You might be feeling proud right now of a recent success but it’s possible that you’re being a little too proud. Are you sharing your joy of success or are you gloating? You may have succeeded so far but the war isn’t over yet. Don’t be surprised if you find your world comes toppling down again. Have you been so blinded by one success that you have missed everything else going on around you? Be sure that you don’t spend so much time celebrating that you start to miss out on the other responsibilities that you have because that will catch up to you quick. And people will notice!

Pisces – Warrior King & The Star
This is going to be a great month for you when it comes to success and goals. Is there something you’ve been trying to accomplish but you just haven’t had that last push to complete it? Find it this month. You may find that at work you are recognized for hard work you’ve been doing but haven’t been commended on. This may also be a good time for scheduling performance reviews and seeking raises. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been working hard and nobody’s been noticing, especially if this has been making you feel like you’ve been in a really dark and lonely place during it all, there is a light on the horizon and the silver lining is starting to show.