Friday, March 18, 2011


Since it's been a week since I've written I thought an update would be in order.  I've been so super busy this past week working on the second draft of the tarot book that I haven't really had much time for anything else.  What's bad about this is that when I say I've been "busy" and that I haven't had "time for anything else" what that really means is that I've been trying to get things done but this damn undiagnosed ADHD has been getting in the way. :)  Yup, that's my excuse.

So what's been going on?  Well I've been reworking some things in the book that I'd originally done because after starting to look at it in order the way it was it didn't make as much sense as I thought.  I also realized that there were several chapters that I hadn't written that really needed to be in there.  So I'm working on all of that.  Right now I'm just going through the parts that I need to edit and rework and then I'll tackle that additional chapters that I need to do.  In a few weeks, once I'm past all the reworking, I'm going to do a teaser post with details like a chapter list and all that fun stuff. I have 43 days to my deadline so I have lots to do. 

I'm also thinking that, realistically, I'll be doing one Tarot of the Sidhe post a week (that will be coming in a little bit today) and I'll still be doing the weekly and monthly taroscopes.  I want to start doing some more involved tarot posts but I think that in the realm of being realistic while going with the under promise and over deliver mentality, I'm going to just leave it at this for a bit and in a month or two things will really kick up here. 

In the meantime I'm still posting at One Witch's Way, so be sure to go there, and I'm all over my Facebook page, so be sure to check things out there too.  I'm also trying to spread the word about this new blog and your help would be awesome!  Link exchanges on blog rolls, tweet posts, etc...and tell me you're doing it and I'll reciprocate!  I think that in the tarot and the business of intuitive work and healing and such we need to support and promote one another, not try and act like we're the only game in town.  You do more and reach more people by working together and conquering things in numbers.  But that's just me.