Monday, April 18, 2011

This Week's Oracle Deck (Oracle of the Dragonfae)

Anyone who follows along with the oracle decks that I work with will know that there are a few different decks that really call to me.  First, ones that involve the fae in any form.  And second, decks that have been published by Blue Angel Gallery from Australia.  Blue Angel Gallery has produced some of my favorite oracle decks from the last couple of years and they are the publisher of work done by Lucy Cavendish.  Her work is great and this is one of her wonderful oracle decks that they publish which draws on both the myths of dragons and the fae.

The cards pull on energies from many of the mythical lands and otherworlds such as Avalon, Atlantis, and Lemuria.  The cards all involve either dragons, faeries, or a combination of the two.  Cavendish explains in the guidebook that the Dragonfae are ancestors from these lands and that those who are part of the Dragonfae bloodlines, which she presents as being pretty much everyone, are people with natural magickal abilities which can be used to help protect and heal the earth.  She explains that the Dragonfae are mainly protectors and that they are fierce protectors of Gaia.

The guidebook gives a good deal of background about the concept of the Dragonfae and how they can be used to help give healing and guidance to those that seek their aide.  They are wise guardians of deep Gaian wisdom that can help guide and heal those who are willing to seek it and use it properly.

The artwork on the deck is beautiful and there is a lot of balance in the deck.  There are some really great lighthearted cards and then those which cover some of the darker, heavier energies.  The cards are printed on nice flexible but durable card stock with a glossy finish that makes shuffling them easy.  They are 3.5x5.5 in size which makes them perfect for both reading and mediation.  The book is 164 pages and has wonderful in-depth information for each card.  The one thing that is missing that might throw some people is a lack of suggested spreads for using the cards.  The booklet discussions doing single card pulls in brief and then talks about a 12 card medicine wheel style spread.  As I always say, use oracle card the same way that you would use tarot and use your intuition on how you want to draw the cards.

Here are some sample cards from the deck and you can get a feel for how some of the cards read over the next two weeks as I post the Card of the Day on Facebook using this deck!