Monday, May 23, 2011

Tarot for the Week 5/23 to 5/29

This week's Tarot for the Week reading is being done with a deck that I love so much and that is in my top five favorite decks of all time; the Bohemian Gothic Tarot.  It's a very dark deck and it's one that I don't really read with for others too often because I find a lot of people that don't have a taste for the darker side don't fully appreciate or understand.  And then I have moments when I have this desperate need to make people come out of their shell in a session and get them to maybe confront something. This is that kind of deck; the imagery is very evocative and if certain cards fall in certain places in a reading it can be quite a powerful wake up call.  I have the first and second editions of these cards, the only deck I've ever done that with (though I do have the collectors edition of the Gaian Tarot and I plan to get the standard edition when it comes out this fall).  You can find out more about the Bohemian Gothic Tarot here

The cards that I pulled for this week are:
Three of Cups
The Hermit
Four of Swords

Sometimes we just love out friends.  Our friends can be so wonderful, so supportive, and so special.  But then there are times when they have almost no ability to see us.  They are so easily distracted by things going on in their lives or it seems as though they just don't care about what's happening with the people around them.  The smallest thing just seems to draw their attention off to something else even though you might be right there, right in front of them, looking to either help them with someone or looking for them to help you.  Early this week you might find that a friend that you really think you can count on in a time of need just doesn't pay any attention to you this week or seems to be so in their own world that when you do come to them for something they just don't even seem to hear you.  Don't get too over the top with feeling ignored; it isn't that they mean you any hard or any disrespect, they're just all about themselves right now and just aren't even seeing you right now.

Mid-week you might really be feeling a bit on your own, and in a way that might seem sort of uncomfortable.  You may be feeling somewhat like you've been set adrift without any real guidance.  Have you been relying too much on those around you to help you out?  Are you spending too much time looking to others to light the way and show you the path to take.  Instead this time you're left holding the lantern and you're left having to trust your own inner guiding light to find the way through whatever you're dealing with.  This can leave you feeling a bit unsure of yourself this week but you'll find that if you tune in a bit and you really start to allow yourself to trust your feelings and your intuition that the answers you find within yourself will be better than anything any of your friends might have been able to give you.

As the week comes to a close you might really be ready for a rest and a break.  Whatever you may have been giving you trouble this week will be mostly resolved.  You will have at least come to a point of feeling that you have a path and course of action to take.  It's going to be time to rest and rejuvenate.  You'll have had a great deal of inner work going on this week and you might be needing a little time to just let your spirit rest if nothing else.  Lay down your sword but don't lose your fire or your passion.  Your Guides and spirit friends will be there to help you and watch over you during this time of reprieve.

Overall this is going to be a week that is really all about being solitary.  It's a week for taking time to do for yourself rather than looking for other to help or do things for you.  If you already have Spirit Guides or Animal Guides that you work with you'll find that you'll do better to turn to them for help this week than to your human friends.

An interesting thing about the cards...In the Three of Cups one of the girls is off looking up at a flock of bats that flying overhead.  She reaches out for one hoping it will land on her hand and connect with her.   In the Four of Swords the warrior that rests on the stone altar sleeps with a raven perched upon him, watching and guarding him.  Winged beings are a symbol of Spirit.  The Hermit and Four of Swords are cards of solitude.  This is truly a week for reflection, time on your own, and working with your Spirit Guides and friends to help you work through your questions or challenges rather than trying to get the attention of your human friends that might not have the time or even the care to be involved in what you're dealing with because they have their own things to work out.  Do not despair and do not worry that your friendships are in danger.  It's just time to work on feeding those other spirit friendships in your life right now.