Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week's Oracle Deck

As those of you on my Facebook Page know I post a card a day, often Monday through Friday but sometimes on the weekends as well.  I love doing a card a day for everyone because it gives us an opportunity to have something to bring into our day with our for guidance as well as opening a doorway for discussion.  And you know how much I love discussion.  :)  But I decided last week that I would do a post each Monday letting everyone know a little bit more about the cards that I'm going to pull from for that week since it's often a different deck each week.

This week I'm going to be working with a favorite of mine, the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish with art by Selina Fenech.  Cavendish has written the books for a number of different decks and her approach to them is always interesting.  Her companion books for the decks are not small little booklets but full books giving great depth and detail for each of the cards.  I love oracle decks that have these sorts of reference books since each deck is different and each deck has it's own system and mythology behind its creation.  Unlike tarot where there are common aspects and elements from deck to deck, learning a new oracle deck is always learning a new system and set of cards.

In this book you'll find with each card the story of that card and its image and then then both upright and reversed meanings for the cards.  I don't typically work with the reversed meanings of any cards and instead go by what I feel that card is saying, especially in the case of oracle cards.  If the message feels ill-dignified or the cards around it might suggestion such an interpretation, then I go with that message.  Typically when I'm doing the single card for the day I take all sides of the card into consideration.

Here are some images from this deck to give you an idea of what it looks like.

It's a beautiful deck and I would highly recommend it for those hat might be looking for an oracle deck to work with, especially if you like the energy of the faery and you enjoy their contemporary images.  Unfortunately the deck seems to no longer be available through Amazon so you may need to do a little hunting or checking with your local metaphysical shops.  It's out there somewhere!