Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally!! The Table of Contents from my UpcomingTarot Book!

I've been saying for about a month now that I was going to post the Table of Contents from my upcoming book "Within The Cards - Using Knowledge and Psychic Vision to Read the Tarot".  I keep getting either completely side tracked or, in the case of why this was still absent in the last two weeks, because I have made some changes.  At this point I would say that what I have here is the final thing.  Goddess willing!  I don't want to make any more chances and just want to get this finished! Right now the only other major thing that I need to deal with is a cover design.  I'm setting aside a whole day this week to deal with that.  But in the meantime you can check this out to get a feel for what the book is going to be like.

 Within The Cards
Using Knowledge and Psychic Vision to Read the Tarot
Table of Contents with Descriptions
Introduction:  Looking at why I wrote this book, how to use the book, and suggested materials to work with.
Chapter 1 – A Deck of Possibilities:  Brief tarot history, how the tarot works, why we use and when to use it
Chapter 2 – Chose Your Weapon: Picking a tarot deck, simple and full ritual cleaning methods for your deck, storing your deck, and using your deck for the first time
Chapter 3 – The Fool’s Journey:  In-depth look at the major arcana cards, their archetypes and symbols, and a keyword list
Chapter 4 – Seeing the Details: In-depth look at the minor arcana cards, their archetypes and symbols, and the structure of the minor arcana including elements, numerology, and how the court cards factor into it
Chapter 5 – Meeting the Courts: In-depth look at the court cards, how the elements play a role, a look at personality types, finding real-world examples of the court personalities, and how to use them as signifier cards in readings
Chapter 6 – Tarot Grows on Trees: An in-depth examination of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and its connections with the tarot which will help shed more light on the connections with the cards
Chapter 7 – Working with the Sight: What are the psychic senses, examination of the “clair” senses, how anyone can develop their psychic abilities, using the Tarot Detective method for card reading, exercises for growing the Sight
Chapter 8 – Cracking the Code: The additional keys and clues in the cards including colors, symbols, animals, numbers, and seeing the big picture in a reading
Chapter 9 – The Tarot Road Map: A look at what spreads are, how to ask questions, samples of some very common and useful spreads, and how to creating your own on the spot with ease
Chapter 10 – Reading with Honor: Ethics and responsibility with tarot reading
Chapter 11 – Becoming the Reader: Preparing yourself for doing readings, creating the ideal space for reading, getting started with reading for yourself and others
Chapter 12 – Do it Like a Pro: Keys to professional reading, thoughts on charging for readings, ways to develop a tarot business
Chapter 13 – Magickal Tarot: Using tarot for meditation, spellwork, ritual, and to draw your desires to you
Chapter 14 – Personal Exploration: Tarot journaling, using tarot for personal development
Resources: Various templates for doing readings, keeping reading records, daily journaling, and quick reference guides for keywords, numerology, symbols, etc., recommended reading and websites

And there you have it!  That’s the contents of the book.  The point of it will to be a book that both beginners and experienced readers can use for the overall tarot experience.  My approach to tarot has always been to read intuitively but have a strong knowledge base to pull from and that’s what I’m presenting here. While I go through each card individually and break down the symbols and keys to the cards it’s for the sake of knowledge and demonstrating how much information can be gained from the cards, not to discourage the idea of just pulled the cards and using your psychic abilities to read.  I feel a rounded and balanced approach to the cards is what makes a reader good at what they do.

Right now the book is planned to be out in July and I’m doing all I can to make my current deadlines.  I’m so looking forward to having this book done and out there; it’s been 10 years in the making!   I hope you’ll all check it out when it’s available.