Monday, April 25, 2011

Tarot for the Week 4/25 to 5/1

Once again we're looking at the energy for this week with the help of the the Tarot of Sidhe once again. It seems especially fitting to work with this deck this week since Beltane will be Saturday through Sunday.  As I was getting ready to do the cards for this week I was starting to get this feeling like something is just hanging in the air this week.  It could be that it's that thinning of the veil as we head to Beltane or it could be something else.  The cards are certainly showing some interesting things...

The cards pulled this week are:
Dancer Four (Four of Cups)
Dreamer Seven (Seven of Swords)

The start of the week has a strong energy of both feeling wrapped up in our worlds but also being lost in how those things are reflecting back in our worlds today.  You might find yourself getting even a bit carried away with some of these things.  This week it'll be really important to make sure that you don't go so lost in these things that you forget to pay attention to the people around you now, especially the ones who need you the most.  I especially get the feeling of children feeling forgotten or even ignored. The past is the past.

By midweek you'll be ready to deal with these feeling in the real world rather than just playing them over in your head.  There may be a certain person who has been on your mind early in the week who had you thinking back on these previous issues and situations and you might be ready to finally confront them with how they've made you feel in the past.  Something from the early part has finally broken your resistance to deal with this and you're ready to carry that sword of justice and find the truth to things.

As you head toward the end of the week and start to try and uncover that truth, don't be too surprised by what you find.  Someone who you may have suspected was lying or cheating you will actually reveal themselves to being even worse than you had thought.  Something from the past is haunting this person too and when you bring these things back up to try and make sense for yourself you'll be bringing out some skeletons from this person's closet as well.

The week, in general, does have that weird feeling that seems to say that something that needs to be seen that is hidden now is going to reveal itself before the week is over.  If you have issues with anyone that haven't been resolved, especially ones from the past that you have tried to keep buried, you may very well see those things come back to you this week.

It's going to be an interesting week...