Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tarot of the Sidhe - Maker Nine

This week's Tarot of the Sidhe card is Maker Nine, a card that in traditional tarot would be the Nine of Pentacles.  In this deck the Coins or Pentacles are called the Makers because these are the cards of manifestation.  These cards deal with the real world, and often physical and material realms of things like money, material objects, stability, health and physical well-being, careers, and growth in the material world.  These are the cards that help us to bring what we want into our physical and material reality.  When we want to know if we're going to get the raise or the promotion, or if our health is going to improve, it's the Makers we want to watch for because their messages are the ones that are going to really give us some solid answers.

In the book we have the following rhyme for this card:

The tree knows when its roots are strong,
That it may grow where it belongs,
And blossoms spread their colour bright,
With gifts of water, soil, and light...
In the images of this card we see a large and strong tree with roots running deeply through the earth and into a nearby body of water.  We can see flowers and bright green leaves growing from the branches at the top of the tree which shows some signs that the roots must be strong and planted where they are able to live, grow, and thrive.

The Maker Nine is just as much about being in a good place to be prosperous and abundant as it is about actually being prosperous and having what you desire.  If we're not in the right job, living in the right place, in the right environment, or surrounding ourselves with the right people we run the risk of draining our life force and energy which keeps us from growing and doing well in all the various areas of our lives.  In a way you could say this card is saying "location, location, location".

A few interesting things about the image for this card are the sun, the mountains, and the tree trunk.  The sun shows us vibrancy, victory, and the power the lies within "shining" in all that you do.  As I've talked about before, I see mountains as representing victories, especially spiritual ones.  And the tree trunk ha many swirls and markings in it which I feel represent the challenges, growth, and experiences that have been had in order to get to this perfect place.  Whether you go through measurable struggles or just the growing pains of life, everyone has a few battle scars at the end of the journey to get where they want to be.

Interpreting this card on its own has me seeing it as a card that tells us we need to find where we fit, where we are most comfortable, and where we are most able to grow and prosper if we really want to be fruitful.  Some people feel they can be anywhere and be successful but there are always better levels of abundance in all areas of life when we are "home".  That doesn't mean where we grew up or a place we have lived before necessarily, but the place that we feel is home to us.  Maker Nine reminds us that when the environment is right it's OK to plant your roots.  As the saying says "bloom where you're planted".