Monday, April 4, 2011

Tarot for the Week 4/4 to 4/10

It was quite interesting to me to find that while struggling through the to April tarotscopes I had to change decks in order to feel any sense of clarity or direction in what I was doing, but when I sat down to do this post, starting with my Tarot of Dreams deck, I heard a very distinct "NO!  Other one" from one of my guides.  So I picked the Tarot of Sidhe deck back up and started to shuffle and, sure enough, the fuzzy feeling that had been there all weekend with the deck was gone.  I guess that means that we're back on track!  Here is this week's tarot reading...

Cards pulled for this week:
The Hanged Man
The Dancer (Ace of Cups)
Warrior Queen (Queen of Wands)

Two of this week's cards holds something really interesting; a reflection.  Within The Dancer there is the reflection of the Dancer as a chalice of water and within the Warrior Queen we see a the reflection of her hair and her power in the water she is rising out of.  Two cards with reflections with the card that opens the reading being The Hanged Man, a card about reflection and changed thinking really says to me that this is going to be a week or examining and seeking some deep, inner answers.

To start the week off it might be best to use this information straight away and start changing our way of looking at things.  When I look at this card in the context of everything else that we see going on here it makes me think of something said in the electronic music documentary "Better Living Through Circuitry".  It was something like this (I'm kind of paraphrasing here...)

If you have shitty day the answer isn't to go to bed, wake up, and hope things are better the next day. Instead, don't go to sleep!  Stay up all night!  Find someone else to stay up with and go watch the sun rise!
The idea is to break the patterns that have lead you to where you are and to change your perception in order to find another way, a better way, to do things.  So starting out this week you may find that in order to get things rolling for the week you need to find another way to look at different situations and relationships that you are in that may need some change.

The Dancer comes along during mid-week to remind us to enjoy the process of change.  We need to dance and sing and be merry.  When we approach everything from a perspective of joy, even those things that are really difficult or unpleasant, we're able to sometimes keep our heads above water a little better.  In this card the Dancer is reflected in the chalice in the water below.  The chalice in the Cups card often is thought of as being akin to the Holy Grail and that from it flow the holy waters of life.  When we look at the Dancer or the Ace of Cups one of the big underlying currents is that of love; Universal love, expressions of love, and even self love.  Don't be afraid to express your real thoughts and emotions this week because it will likely be well received if you have the right angle. 

As we come to the later part of the week the Warrior Queen reminds us to keep ourselves in control in all our situations that we might be dealing with.  So in talking about perception this week, this card really shows more about how others perceive us.  Remain strong, turn on the charm, and allow your confidence to show through and you'll be able to turn things in your favor as need be.  Her message is pretty clear, be the one who's in control and you'll be able to keep things moving in your favor.

So for this week things are going to start out with the focus being on changing your focus, changing your perspective.  Look at the true reflections of the events and things happening around you to gain more insight.  Let yourself express your love and true thoughts and feelings with those around you and, when dealing with any difficult situations this week be sure to remain in control, especially of your image and how you're being seen.  Use your strength and charm to your advantage!