Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Tale of Ten Wands

Finally I feel like I'm on a role with the tarot book! It's been a such a tough job these last few months but I'm actually starting to think this thing will be done on time! Yay for that! But in the process of finalizing everything I had come to realize that some things that I never planned to do needed to be done which meant more writing to be done. One of those things was the inclusion of a full description of each of the minor arcana cards. I never planned to do that and just intended to give a list of keywords. I don't know why, really, but I just didn't feel it was necessary. Then as I was putting things together for the minor arcana chapter I realized I had to do it.

So far it's not a big deal since they aren't going to be as in-depth as my descriptions of the major arcana cards (I always knew I wouldn't be dedicating that much time to the minors, though that may end up being another small e-book down the road). While doing this today something came to me. Sure, writing a description of the cards is nice, but how about showing how they express themselves? So I'm writing a small story for each of the suits called "The Tale of Ten ____". These don't include the court cards because they have their own chapter, but this is just a story that will show how the story of each suit.

I thought I would share the one I wrote for the Wands. I thought it would also be nice to see some of what I've been working on like mad! So here you go! I present to you...

The Tale of Ten Wands
A spark, a thought, a creation; everything began with an idea and a dream and the realization that anything is possible if one is willing to seize control and power in their own lives. At least that's how the story started out for Edward. (Ace of Wands) Edward grew up in a castle which overlooked the ocean. As he grew up living his days in this remove seaside village, Edward began to get restless and started to daydream about what else might be out in the world for him. He'd never left him hometown and didn't know if the stories he'd grown up on were true. He would stand atop the parapet of his home, looking out at the ocean dreaming, contemplating, and wondering about what could be. (Two of Wands)

As the years carried on, Edward grew even more restless and one day, while standing on the edge of the rocks overlooking where the ships came to port, he decided it was time to go out and find adventure. (Three of Wands) After announcing to his friends and family that he was ready to venture away from home they threw a lavish party for him to celebrate what would surely be a wonderful time for him. Edward knew as he stood looking back at his parents who waved at him as he left, that he would come back one day as a man they could be so proud of. (Four of Wands)

Edward found a group of other boys and young men who were seeking adventure and they spent their time together developing their battle skills, learning how to fight and work with weapons. Edward learned a lot about dealing with others his own age during that time and learned about the power of competition. He'd never had to deal with this before and he learned so much about himself during that time. (Five of Wands) After a handful of years away, and having fought several battles with success, it was time for Edward to return home. He'd had his adventure and he'd been victorious, proved what he felt he needed to prove to those around him, and now he was on his way back to his seaside village. Never did he imagine that his return would be full of so much celebration and fanfare! It was in that moment, as he crossed the threshold he'd previously waved farewell through years ago, that he sat up taller on his horse with more pride and realized that he would need to take time to adjust to life in the village again. Edward also knew deep in his heart that he now had a responsibility to those he would be among to guard them and protect them. (Six of Wands)

One morning there was a loud noise coming from the shore that startled Edward from his sleep. Immediately he was reminded of his silent oath he took to defend his home and the people of his village so he sprang into action, throwing on whatever clothes and shoes were within arms reach. He grabbed his wand and ran to the edge of the cliff at his home, ready to defend against the intruders who were slowing making their way up the cliff face. (Seven of Wands) Edward worked hard to defend the village that day but all his battle skills came rushing back to him as though he'd never put down his wand in the first place. He battled and was quick to run off the enemies that would have come to ravish the small village. As a sign that all was well and that everyone was safe, Edward flung the wands of those he defeated through the air from the clifftop and toward the village. He did this to send a message; no one shall defeat him and he shall always keep the village safe. This news left everyone to let out a sigh of relief and they had hope that they would never need to worry about intruders again. (Eight of Wands)

As time went on, Edward continued to defend the village and he worked non-stop to ensure that everyone was safe. Edward was seen as one of the most treasured guards of the villages and his endurance and stamina were shown in his willingness to go to great lengths to keep watch on everyone around him. Even though he knew this was his calling and what he needed to do, Edward began to grow tired and this caused him to get overly defensive when someone would comment on his work or efforts. Edward knew it was almost time for him to give up his post. (Nine of Wands)

Then, one day, after so many years of holding this position in the village, Edward decided it was time to leave and go home to rest for good. Edward gathered together his wands and his trophies from all his hard work, including the wands of those he'd defeated in his battles, and prepared to leave. As he made the journey back to the castle of his family, his back began to hurt and he started to walk hunched over from the weight of his load. Edward stopped for a moment to rest and realized just how much he'd been doing for others for all these years and how now, at a moment where he could have used someone to come to his aide, there was no one there to help him. While Edward held no regrets for his years of service, he knew that he was making the right choice and that it was time for him to go home and release his burden. (Ten of Wands)