Monday, May 16, 2011

This Week's Oracle Deck (Oracle of Shadows & Light)

For the next two weeks the deck that I'll be using for the daily card draw will be the Oracle of Shadows and Light, another amazing deck put together by Lucy Cavendish for Blue Angel Publishing.  This deck is illustrated by the wonderful fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith and features faeries, mermaids, queens, princesses, witches, monsters, and so much more.  It's a very colorful but decidedly darker, almost "gothy" deck, and has some very unique and powerful messages within.

Three Witchy Sisters

When I first got this deck I was drawn to it because I'm such a fan of Jasmine Becket-Griffith's artwork.  Her pouty little faeries are just so cute.  I had seen the artwork for the Three Witchy Sisters card and felt right away that I had to have this deck.   I went on the hunt for it and ended up having to order it off eBay because it was sold out on Amazon.  It's out of stock again (ugh!) but if you want to get a copy you can order it here (Oracle of Shadows and Light) and then it will ship when available.

Autumn Is My Last Chance

The deck has 45 cards and a fairly in-depth booklet that comes along with it to guide you through the messages and give you ideas for how you communicate with the spirit and energy that each of the cards present.  Even though the cards have a definite dark look, it isn't a "gloom and doom" deck.  Even in some of the less happy looking cards there are aspects of hope that can be found in them.  One of these cards is Autumn Is My Last Chance.  Even though the eyes of the bat-winged girls look sad and lost she comes through with the message to remind you that if you love yourself and believe in yourself you can overcome anything.

I like working with this deck because the pictures are so beautiful, the colors are so well contrasted and they seem to really speak to me on a personal level.  I look at these cards and I often hear what the figures have to say, I see them dance and move in the cards, and I can feel their energy.  It's really a great deck. 

Over these next two week on Facebook I'll be using these cards for the Card of the Day post.  I hope that you enjoy exploring these cards as much as I do!