Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tarotscopes for May 2011

For this month’s Tarotscopes I have decided to use a different deck because it called me to do some other readings lately and I feel like this is the one that we need for May.  For this month I’m using the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.  If you’re familiar with his decks you know how truly special and unique they are and how amazing the color is in these cards.  I’ll add some images of cards for those that aren’t familiar with them.  Hopefully these readings will bring you some insight for this first month of the summer half of the year!

Aries – The Sun:  You’ve been working hard to bring success and victory to some endeavors around you and you’re on the right track!  The time is coming for you to really see the rewards of what you’ve been working so hard for.  But you need to really be ready to live in kind; in other words, if you have any fears about your success or if you hold doubts about yourself and what you’re doing you’re going to find that all your work will be for nothing.  You are being called to come and walk proudly in the light of sun, so do it!

Taurus – The Empress:  You have so much to give but sometime you don’t give all that you can.  It’s not a matter of selfishness or greed but out of a fear that you’ll give away too much of yourself and what you have.  This month it will be a important for you to take the time to clean out your closets and cupboards.  Take unwanted clothing and food to local shelters and give what you really don’t need to those who are in a much bigger position of need.  This month you’re going to be the giver of life to others are you and it’s a role that you are in great need of being in right now.  You’ll help others while revitalizing yourself.

Gemini – Page of Swords: This month might be a little tough for you to really gain focus or to keep your head out of the clouds.  The summer months are coming and you’re looking forward to really diving into the light and warmth of that season.  Being an air sign some people might tell you that you seem to be a bit “airy fairy” from time to time.  Well, this month when they say that it might very well be true!  You will probably exhibit some strong typical traits of your sign.  Go with it.  But know that if you have anything really serious or important that needs to be handled this month you’re going to need to think things over twice, go a little slow, and do what you can to not be put in a position where you’re forced to make quick decisions.

Cancer – Ace of Coins: The big focus for you this month is going to be money.  Not just managing your existing finances, but getting money that might be owed to you, working to get new money making opportunities flowing, and setting things in a forward motion.  If you’re in a position to ask for a raise are work or to try and get yourself in the position for a promotion, now is the time to start pursuing these things.  Setting things in motion for a stable future and using your strength to fill up any holes in your plans for the future and to ensure that you’re stable with regard to your basic needs.

Leo – King of Wands:  May will be a month for you to really take charge and put the finishing touches on any projects or plans that you have going on right now.  The only thing that you need to be aware of is that you fire and drive to get things done could possibly come off as you being a bit overbearing and you might find that you fall into the unintentional habit this month of micromanaging people around you or being a bit too demanding.  Try to do what you need to in order to bring things to their completion but be wise of how you’re treating those around you in the process.

Virgo – Palace of Swords:  This month you’ll find that putting yourself in situations where you’re able to focus, think clearly, and be removed from certain levels of distraction will be the only way to really get much done this month.  You’ll also find that being sure to take the time to really rise above any muddled confused feelings with those around you will be important if you want to get a clear picture of what’s going on with people around you.  If you find that you’re arguing with people, dealing with people trying to give you the run around and so on, you’re really going to need to work to rise above their clouded thinking otherwise you’ll find you get pulled right in with them.  Staying focused and being fully aware of what’s going on around you will be key.

Libra – 6 of Cups:  The warm weather starts to really get you ready to get out of the house and shake off any remaining feelings of cabin fever that you might be holding on to.  This month would be a great time to really start getting out into the earth to help release any stale feelings and old energy that you have carried from the winter.  Plant flowers, work in the soil, and let the process of being connected to the earth really draw out and ground out any of this energy that might still be weighing you down.   It’s also a good time to start planning some things to reconnect with friends and family that you might not have had the chance to spend time with over the last handful of months.  An outdoor gathering toward the end of the month would be just what you need.

Scorpio – Ace of Cups:  Lately you may have been feeling you just don’t have the emotional support from those around you that you wish you had, especially in a specific area of your life.  This month will open the doorway for finding those who really can give you what you need.  New relationships and connections will be coming your way during this month but they aren’t going to just fall in our lap.  If you wish to have more support in your spiritual life, for example, go out and look for gatherings, study groups, or meet-ups and you’ll find something that is right for you.  If you’re dealing with other issues that might have support groups, like addiction, emotional issues, abuse, etc, go out and seek a group for support.  This is the month to take care of you and your emotional needs and desires.

Sagittarius – 8 of Sword: Have you been feeling like a victim lately?  Has something been going on that has you feeling like you’re trapped in a situation that you just can’t get out of?  Stop and take a look this month and see if this has been true for you and then start to look a little more closely at your situation.  Have you been turning a blind eye to the truth of something?  The message here is to make the decision to either wake up and move away from the situations that are making you feel so stuck and trapped or make the decision to remain a victim.  What you’re dealing with can be overcome if you truly want to overcome it.

Capricorn – 8 of Coins: Some might think you’re a bit of a perfectionist this month, but the truth is you’re just trying to do your best to impress certain people around you.  This is the month that you might find that going above and beyond at work and with business associates will pay off in more ways than one.  If you’ve been trying to get people to take notice of you and the hard work you do, you’re going to find that it all works out in the end.  Pull from the stores of knowledge and you carry and the study and experiences from the past that you have worked so hard to perfect.  Bringing together all your skills and resources this month is going to put you far above everyone else in the office and in your field this month.  Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t listen those around you who would rather hold you back for their own selfish reasons!

Aquarius – 9 of Swords:  Is there something you need to get off your chest?  Something has been bothering you and nagging at you and the frustration has been building and growing and now, after all this time of holding in whatever it is that’s been on your mind, has you now at a point where you’re letting things eat you from the inside out.  This could also prove to be a very busy month with a lot of gossip and a lot of unproductive back and forth exchanges with those who have been part of this drama.  The only real way to get past this and not feel this pain and frustration, and to prevent yourself from becoming literally sick with worry, is to just be bold, stand up for yourself and those around you, and say what you have to say.  Holding on to it for fear of making things worse is going to only make matters worse.

Pisces - Ace of Swords: This month is going to be one filled with some “ah ha” moments for you.  Things that might have been eluding you in the last month or two are going to just suddenly click.  With the ace it’s important to remember that you need to be willing to work with the energy that comes through for you.  Unlike other cards where the energy has a path and a purpose the energy of an ace is much more raw and pure.  This month you’ll find that by wielding a sword of truth and intellect will go far as long as you’re doing it with strong intent.