Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Tarot Bloggers!

 *PSST*  Come here for a second...I have something to ask you.

While I'm still plugging away and trying to get "Within The Cards" complete, I realized that it was getting to the point where I need to start getting together a list of folks to share the book with!  So I'm putting out the call...would you like to receive a preview copy of the book for review on your blog or website?  
These will be PDF uncorrected poofs, for the most part, of the book.  It will be missing the graphics and some of the layout specifics and will have rough notes on where some things will go like layout diagrams and such. But the main focus is the content and that's what I'm really looking to share. 

I'm looking for tarot bloggers and other tarot folks with websites and social media outlets who would be willing to review the book and share it with others. Some of these reviews and snippets from them may be used on the back cover of the book (or if you feel so included as to write something that you would like to have as a cover endorsement, you're welcome to do that too!). 

If you're interested and would like to receive a copy when they are available, please contact me at with your name and your website. I will be sending out copies (most likely) in August.  I am going to be limiting the number that I send out but I haven't decided to how many yet.  Those writing specifically within the tarot genre will be at the top of the list, naturally.  So email me today and let me know if you're interested!