Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updates at the Tarot Blog!!

So, have you been wondering where I've been?  It's been a crazy few weeks and I've so busy and so full of mixed and somewhat weird energy that I haven't been on track with anything!  But things are getting back on track.  I had two really awesome radio appearances since we last talked; once visit was with Dax Carlisle and Mary Nale on the Rowdy Readers show (listen to a replay here) and another with Robyn and EW on Parianormal on FateRadio.  Both were lots of fun and both gave me a chance to share tarot and my reading style with lots of new people.  And that's something that never gets old! I also got my new podcast, Shadow Walking off the ground (episode two is coming this week). 

With all this fun a few things have fallen to the wayside but they'll be back this week.  Specifically I'll be going back to the daily card posts with the Color Wisdom deck.  Several weeks ago I was moving along with these posts and I pulled a card for a day, The Carrot Colored Cloak.  I looked the card over quickly and stuck it into the book on the page where the card info was and then put the book aside so I could take care of a few other things.  One thing led to ten things and I didn't get to it that day.  Then I didn't get to it the next day or the day after, and before you know it several weeks has gone by but that card is still sitting with the book on my desk.  I'm planning to start back up with the cards on Monday and I'll be working with that card...and I'm curious to see how that card might tie into these last few weeks.

Here's something really great, if you didn't see it on Facebook.  Tori Hartman talked about what I've been doing with the cards on YouTube!  If you haven't seen it, check it out!

In honor of this awesomeness, I'll be emailing a reading special next week through one of my email lists.  If you're not on m email list, sign up today!  At some point (and I'm not saying when, so you've got to sign up to know when it happens) I'll send out a special newsletter about how to get a Color Wisdom card reading with me at a super great price!

It's also been great to see some new faces checking out the blog!  Welcome!  I just wanted to share with everyone who are new to the site that I also have another blog called One Witch's Way.  This blog is a place where I specific talk about tarot, oracle cards, and divination. I had decided to put these things in their own blog, which at the time seemed like the right thing to do, and out of the desire to not cause further confusion, I've kept this blog rather than merging it with my main blog. Over at One Witch's Way I share all kinds of other posts including general spirituality, information on magick, reviews, personal posts, and the occasional caffeine fueled rant.  Be sure to stop by One Witch's Way too and subscribe to that blog as well.

So the Color Wisdom posts will be back on Monday and the weekly tarot reading will be back as well.  But the next two weeks will be heavily focused on all the finishing touches on "Within the Cards" which will be out in September!