Monday, June 13, 2011

Tarot for the Week 6/13 to 6/19

This week's Tarot for the Week post is being done with a new deck.  And what a surprise that must be for some.  :)  I did acquire a new deck last week, one that I was very excited to get.  It's The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with the wonderful art of Will Worthington.  There are four other decks that he's done art for, all of which I have and all of which I really love...The Green Man Tree Oracle, The Druid Animal Oracle, The Druid Plant Oracle, and a favorite of many Pagan and Wiccan readers, The Druid Craft Tarot.  This is another wonderful deck with his Celtic themed art and the book features some fantastic wisdom by Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

When I first pulled the cards and looked at them I read their descriptions and interpretations in the book.  The art is very unique and the way these cards tell the stories involves deeper spiritual symbolism like their connections to the Wheel of the Year and things like that.  After reading reading the descriptions I then moved into actually looking at and interpreting the cards and found that the messages coming through for me were somewhat different and skewed to the meanings in the book.  Really a very interesting deck!

The cards pulled were:
The Forest Lovers
Ten of Vessels
Five of Stones

With the start of the week it's time to take a look at projects and plans that you have been working on that might involve working with others, one person in particular, with whom you don't see eye to eye.  Try as you might, this individual just isn't going to give in to you and you aren't going to give in to them. It's time to admit that a compromise needs to be reached.  It's time to create together which can really only be done when you're working together, not when you're trying to work around one another.  You're intentions and desires and your true goal and purpose are noble and you have the right ideas, but when you're working with someone else you have to give them a little room to breathe and create as well.  You're going to do better working toward your goals together in the end.

The Forest Lovers from The Wildwood Tarot
Mid-week you'll be seeing and feeling the results of this compromise and softened look, but you need to be careful that you're enthusiasm doesn't get the away from you.  You may find yourself feeling like you need to start reworking things a bit now that you have this new understanding and this could cause your energy to shift again.  New and "better" ideas will be rushing in and you'll be ready to really let the creativity flow, but just be sure that you're staying true to your vision and to the commitment to work together as a team.  Just because you were both in agreement on Monday doesn't mean that if you change gears on Wednesday that you're both going to be on the same page at that point too.

As the week winds down you might be feeling both drained and like you need to step back a bit from the work you're doing.  This will likely have felt like a roller coaster week and you may be really ready to just retreat a bit on your own and reevaluate things from a solitary perspective.  This is going to be a week that will truly test your endurance and by the end of the week you may know what your real tolerance level is to certain things while working with this other person or persons. Can you endure working within this partnership?  Is it better to "go it alone"?  You may find the weekend to be a time for reflecting on some possibly big changes that will need to take place in order to keep yourself happy with the direction of things.

Overall this is going to be a bit of an up and down week.  Don't worry if you're feeling like "it's you" and feel like you're losing your mind a bit or something.  You've got work and plans and ideas that just keep coming and you want badly to make them come full circle and into creation, but the people you may have originally started these things with just might not want to see things go in the same direction as you.  You'll need to decide if it's better to compromise your vision and goals as opposed to work on your own.  Be prepared for anything that could happen this week, especially on emotional fronts.