Monday, June 13, 2011

Today's Goddess Card - Pachamama

Today's Goddess Card
Pachamama (Healing/Wholing/Holy)

Today's Goddess Oracle Card is the pre-Incan Goddess Pachamama, also known as Mama Pacha/Mamapacha.  Her name literally translates to World Mother (pacha = world, mama = mother) but is mainly known just as Mother Earth or in places Mother World.  Pachamama is honored by the indigenous people of the Andean mountain ranges and is considered to be one of, if not the most important deity of the pre-Incan people.  

Pachamama is the Earth but she is also known to take the form of a dragon who resides within the earth beneath the mountains.  She is seen as a Goddess of fertility, planting, and harvesting and presides of the heavens as well as the earth itself.  Pachamama is also seen as the Goddess who is responsible for the weather, good and bad, as well as the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes.  It's believed that when the people have angered her in some way or failed to honor her, she takes her dragon form and moves through the mountains and under the surface of the earth causing these earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Because of Pachamama's connection to fertility, planting and harvesting she is often honored by having corn meal scattered along the ground and growing soil before the actual planting takes place in order to acknowledge her role in what will take place and also to help their cause.  

Pachamama is connected to three other specific Ican deities; Inti, the Sun God, Mama Cocha, the Sea Goddess. and Illampu, the Storm God.  Together these four create a Divine tie to the elements (Pachamama for earth, Inti for fire, Mama Cocha for water, and Illampu for air).  

There are few, if any, stories about Pachamama that have survived, but knowing her as Mother Earth and knowing the way that she works with the world can show us her message of healing and being whole.  Pachamama can heal and she can destroy, as all Mother Earth Goddesses can do; how we honor her and how we acknowledge her determines which side of the coin we'll fall on.  Her big message here is to ask, "Do you see me as holy? Do you know me as sacred?"

Today stop and consider how you view the actual earth around you, meaning the physical space you occupy, the ground you walk on, and the sky that you reside under.  Do you see it as holy?  Do you know the sacredness and the life-giving elements of the earth and the planet as a whole?  Many of us are part of an earth-based spirituality but we often forget about the earth part.  We forget that the larger part of our path is to connect to and live in balance with the earth and the elements.  We become too focused on the other parts of life and the world that we forget to stop and stand in the rain, observe and feel the power of a storm, feel the sun on our face, and sink our toes into soft dirt and dewy damp grasses. 

Stop letting this slip by and acknowlege the power of Mother Earth.  Today there were more earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand and there is a volcano causing all kinds of problem in Chile.  Could these be signs that Pachamama, and all other Mother Earth Goddesses need our love and attention?  There's little we can do or say to deny the fact that we have neglected her a great deal, especially in recent years.  Maybe she's just doing all she can to get our attention!  It's time for us to give it to her.

Take time today to spend moment in nature, even it's just a patch of grass in a city park.  Let her know you love her and care for her.  Bring offerings of corn meal to sprinkle on the ground and let her know you're listening to her messages and you feel her anger and her pain.  By the healing the earth we can heal ourselves and we can find a place of being whole once again when we see her as holy.