Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tarotscopes for June

This month's tarotscopes are going to be a little different.  Things have been ridiculous for me for the last few months and I have hit a point where I'm behind on a number of things (book included) and now mulling over the impending details of my upcoming move to the east coast.  So my head is very full and now working terribly well it seems.  So when I decided that I needed to sit down and start working on the tarotscopes I had to do a little thinking about how to best do them so that A) you all get a good card for the month and a decent message and B) my head doesn't explode in the process.  I did a small meditation and was guided to asked my reading Guide, William (who gave permission for me to make an introduction there), to help channel the messages for this month rather than me trying to just piece things together myself.  The process of channeling readings like this can take a little time for me but it works out really well in the end (at least I think it does).  It took about two days to get through all twelve individual messages and I've done my best here to lightly translate them into language that will make more sense to all of you. I hope that you enjoy this months messages!

Aries - Page of Wands
Talents and skills that you may have placed in the back of you mind, or ones that haven't had a lot of attention lately, are going to be called on this month.  New ideas and creative endeavors will make a showing this month as well and these skills may be part of this.  The important things to pay attention to this month will all come from that little voice in the back of your mind that always seems to have a comment or two.  Now is not the time to ignore it.  You may also find that spirit messages make their way to you through music. Unexpectedly and suitable songs may suddenly pop up on the radio, through the television, or even over the speakers while standing in a check out line.  Be mindful of however messages may be trying to reach you.

Taurus - Four of Swords
Summer has unofficially started but you may have officially checked out and may already mentally be on vacation.  This isn't anything to deny or feel guilty about.  You're at a point where you are ready for a much needed rest, whether it's because work has been draining or because family demands have been high, you are just in need of a rest.  This month try and actively plan to get either more sleep (even if it's just an extra hour a night) or do your best to plan some downtime.  Not a busy whirlwind vacation, but actual time to sit back, put your guard down, and put your feet up.  Others will be there to watch over things while you rest so don't feel you have to worry that things will fall apart in your absence.  All will be better when you return.

Gemini - Eight of Cups
Letting go of lost hopes can be one of the hardest things to do, but moving on to see what might be waiting on the other side of the shadows can be an exciting and brave thing to experience.  What do you need to let go of and leave behind this month?  You may find you're called to leave a job, end a relationship, maybe even let go of a personal hope or desire.  Whatever you decide to let go of and leave behind as you move forward, you need to really leave it behind.  Half-ass attempts at change will not pan out this month.  You may find that this is an "all or nothing" month for you.  If you take advantage of that you could create some powerful change.

Cancer - Six of Wands
Victory is yours in all you do this month but be sure you're doing things with the right intentions.  Friends and family will be around to help support you in whatever endeavors you wish to pursue this month but don't take their kindness too far; in other works don't be greedy.  Those who offer their help will make sure they either get something in return or get the necessary recognition.  Be mindful of those helpers in the spirit world too.  They are watching over you, guiding and guarding you, and they deserve their thankful rewards as well.  Leave out offerings, create an ancestor altar, and do things to acknowledge your non-earthly help mates.  No warrior ever won a battle all on his own.

Leo - The High Priestess
This month the High Priestess beckons and asks you to look at things from a point of neutrality in order to find your center.  Something may be feeling out of balance but finding balance while strongly in your own situation will be difficult.  The High Priestess rests between the pillars of light and dark and sees things from another position.  You can take a lesson from her this month; seek your answer and wisdom from within.  She offers up her seat to you between the pillars for a different view.  Don't bother with asking people for advice or suggestions.  Connect with the High Priestess from within and seek your answers from this place of pure divine knowledge.

Virgo - Seven of Cups
Decisions and choices, especially ones that will have a direct impact on your future happiness, may arrive this month. Could it be time to make a move? Is it time to explore the depths you have never ventured to before within your soul?  Is it time to make a change of career?  While many hopes and dreams may surface this month, and the chances to explore them are presented, it's important to keep in mind that daydreaming about them will only be helpful for you for so long and eventually you have to make a decision about what to do.  To turn down an opportunity now could mean it doesn't come back up for you again in the future.  Think well on your decisions but don't become frozen in fear and let them slip away.

Libra - Knight of Swords
You might be ready to move along with a project or a change in your life that you have been considering for some time but there is someone in the way.  Somebody would rather see you stay put, do nothing, change nothing, and keep things "business as usual". Someone might just be looking to hold you back and keep you down, so to speak.  Be careful of people who might try and use you own words against you this month or people that may actively try to throw a wrench into things.  You're ready to do what you want to do and there is truly no one and nothing that can stop you unless you let them.  Remember that the only power anyone has over you is the power you let them have.

Scorpio - Four of Pentacles
There are times when hanging on to your money is really the key to keeping things in balance. But then there are times when it can actually be the root of your problems.  This month will prove a good time to examine your finances in a realistic way. Don't come from a point of being too stingy but don't be too free with it either.  If you look at your money and you find you can afford to take a summer vacation, plan one, but it doesn't have to be an extravagant luxury trip, nor does it have to be a shot drive away in a cheap hotel.  Do what you can reasonably afford and enjoy what you have.  Holding on to money in an obsessive way isn't going to help you gain anything extra in the end.

Sagittarius - The Sun
Over the course of the month of June be prepared to seek out and follow through with work to overcome challenging obstacles.  It's as though someone put a brick wall in your way at one point and told you that you weren't allowed to go to the other side of it so you never bothered to even try.  Whatever challenge in your lie is represented by the brick wall needs to be faced in a different way this month.  You can absolutely get over and around it and the sun will still be shining on the other side as well, but you have to actually do the work to get to the other side in order to find that out.

Capricorn - The Magician
Power, transformation, and knowing what to do with it once you have it will prove to be your main theme this month.  For many people they strive to find this sense of ultimate power, to gain ultimate control over something and then once they have it they either don't know what to do with it or they let it completely take them over.  This month take a look at hoe you deal with and address issues of power in your life.  Do you know how to handle power in situations where you have been given control over people or other things?  Do you know how to use it so that it helps all those involved or only how to let it help you?  Power can make people ugly so be mindful this month of not only how you use power but also how you project it and how much you give to others in your life.  Like all things balance is the key.

Aquarius - Queen of Pentacles
You may find that over the course of the month of June that your attentions are really drawn to taking care of the "pretty things" around you at home. You might find that adding touches of art, maybe moving some furniture around, or even just adding some candles to the coffee table may be all your need to spruce things up a bit.  The point is that this will be a good time for you to do work to make your surroundings comfortable and pleasing to the eye.  Your home is your castle, as they say, and it's good idea to make it look and feel like a castle, a special space where you rule.  Feelings of sadness or depression, even feelings of being just stuck, will be released by creating space around that reflects your inner desires and inner beauty.

Pisces - Three of Swords
Be mindful this month of people who would do you harm without much thought or care. These aren't necessarily evil or malicious people but individuals who, for lack of a better term, lose their heads a bit in a moment of passion, and may do or say something hurtful only to later realize the err or their ways and sheepishly try to apologize.  But the damage will be done and things will just unravel from there.  By being on the look out and spotting potential problems before they arise you will be able to prevent this unpleasant experience from unfolding.  It may very well be that, in part, looking to see who is or isn't what they portray could be the key to preventing this future problem.