Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's Goddess Card - Ix Chel

So for the next two weeks I'm going to be working with the Goddess Oracle for the daily card.  Unfortunately my posts will be far too big for me to do as simple Facebook posts so I'll be doing there here.  Even still, they wont be terribly long or terribly in-depth on the specific Goddess.  I'm going to try and balance out the message of the Goddess with her background in as best a way I can without being TOO wordy (which is always a challenge for me).  But here we go with today's post, our first for the next two weeks.

Today's Card: Ix Chel (Creativity) 

Ix Chel (sometimes spelled Ixchel, pronounced e’shell) is a Mayan Goddess sacred to the Yucatan Peninsula. She is largely a Goddess of fertility and is also honored as a Goddess of medicine and is worshiped by healers and shaman for her powers of transformation. As part of her powers of fertility, we see these powers extended to the aspects of creativity in our lives in all forms. She is a Goddess that holds power over the ability to create life as well as other things of beauty in the physical. Some call her The Weaver since she has the ability to weave the threads of life but she can also help to weave physical threads in an active of creativity.

Her sacred symbols include the moon, snakes, dragonflies, and spider webs. She is seen as an earth Goddess to some but she is largely known as a Moon Goddess. She is also called Lady of Rainbows and is said to be able to weave and create rainbows because of her power over the element of water. Ix Chel is truly a Goddess who can create many wonderful and beautiful things.

Today Ix Chel comes forward to remind you that you too have the ability to create whatever it is that you want in life but in order to do it you have to be daring and go after what you desire. In her myth, in her attempt to become the Goddess of the Moon and the lover of the Sun, Ix Chel is nearly killed by her Grandfather because of his disapproval. She never allowed herself to be held back from having what she truly wanted, even when it meant she could lose her life for it. She eventually was healed by her dragonflies after the incident with her Grandfather and she lived on. Death wasn’t even going to hold her back from creating the life she wanted.

So how can you be like Ix Chel? What is it that you want that might bring you to the brink, that might push all your senses and abilities to the edge? Do you want it bad enough to risk it all to create what you truly desire?

This could also be a call for something more gentle, like creating a painting or creating a special dinner recipe. But the call is to create…create something with all your heart and all your desire, whatever that may be, and do it with conviction. Call on Ix Chel to help…place her symbols around you like her snakes and dragonflies. Work under the light of the moon and visualize yourself wrapped in the light and power of the colors of the rainbow.

In the end it all comes down to one thing….CREATE and live your life out loud!