Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Card - Pink from Pinkton

Today's Color Wisdom Card
Pink from Pinkton

Today's card comes from the red spectrum and is the color pink.  The red spectrum is one of passion and all the things that make up passion in our lives.  This can be everything from sexuality to passionate desires to energy that makes us just want to get up and get things done.  Pink, and specifically this pink which Toni Hartman called passion pink, is a color of igniting those passions and desires. 

Pink from Pinkton says "I am more than I think I am".  This is a card of discovery and self-realization and realizing that there are times that we have outgrown things in our lives that, no matter how much we love, we just need to let them go in order to move forward. 

The brief
In the story we meet Pink, a wonderful boy who is a beautiful shade of pink.  He lives in Pinkton, a town founded by his grandfather who he's named after.  He meets a lovely girl named Petunia who lives in Pinkerton, a suburb of Pinkton.  They begin to date but Pink is aloof.  He doesn't return her calls right away, he blows off dates saying he's busy, and he in general doesn't pay a great deal of attention to her.  But Petunia likes him and waits.  But eventually the waiting is too much and she leaves him, something that shocks and stuns Pink.

Pink spends a great deal of time looking to find ways to get her back, but no matter what he did she wasn't nothing to do with him. Then eventually he learns that she's moved away.  Time went by and he healed himself from the loss until one day she moves back.  They reconnect and start dating again, but Pink has changed.  He's learned a great deal about himself and how to treat others and now he's ready to prove himself to her.  But this time it's she who is aloof.  She leaves town on business trips and never calls, she doesn't get back to him when he's looking for her, and she doesn't make him a priority in his life. 

Pink goes to the Pinkton Peak to talk to the Sky God to find out what to do.  The Sky God tells him that Petunia has not grown but Pink has.  When they dated the first time Pink's lazy attitude toward her was all she could handle even though she might have seemed like she wanted more.  Now that he's ready for more and he's grown, it's obvious that Petunia hasn't since she's keeping him at such a distance.  The Sky God told Pink that he needs to let her go and seek out people that are at the level he's grown to.  And so he does.

Pink releases Petunia and moves forward in his life, changed and grown, having discovered a great deal about himself in the process.  Petunia was in his life to teach him lessons and help him change and grow.  And since she wasn't meant to grow too, this was never a match that would work.

The Meaning...The message behind Pink of Pinkton is simple but difficult to hear sometimes.  You are more than you think and there are things around you that are not long on par with you and that no longer serve your highest good.  It's time to let them go.  Pink of Pinkton is about self-awareness and looking to see where you've grown and what you've outgrown and then letting those things go in order to make room for new things that are more suited to you to come in and grow.  When we don't do this vital housecleaning work, so to speak, we can't ever make the space for the positive and wonderful things we want to come into our lives.  

For Today...What or who have you outgrown that you just haven't let go of yet?  Now is the time to sit down and do some serious thinking about this and make some decisions.  Do you want to grow and expand and continue on a path of progress?  Then it's times to cut these people and things loose from your life.  There are times when we might find that we have moved on to a more spiritual and aware place in our lives but there are people around us, such as friends, who are more self-absorbed than self-aware.  These aren't people that will add to your path, but they hold you back. This isn't to say that you should toss aside every person or value that you have in your life that is beyond your current place of growth.  Instead it's a check point for you to stop and say "What do I need to really let go of in order to move ahead?  What is going to slow me down?"