Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's Card: Sun Sparkler

Today's Color Wisdom Card
Sun Sparkler

Today's Color Widsom Card is Sun Sparkler.  She is a card from the yellow spectrum, a color that is about manifesting and finding your personal creativity and wisdom and then use it to create the things we want.  All the cards in the yellow spectrum are filled with the power to create and partner with our inner guidance in order to find the path toward our goals.  The yellow of these cards is that light we all hold within.

Sun Sparkler is the first of the yellow cards and she is a card of miracles.  She says "Integrity is what turns on the light." Her specific color is a sun yellow, a color that connects to our intellect and helps us to connect to our soul's wisdom.  Sun yellow is a color that can be powerful is starting new projects and ventures without fear or stress.

The brief
In the story of Sun Sparkler we are taken to the town of Darkville, a place filled with dishonest and thieving people.  They lie to each other, steal from one another, and cheat their fellow townspeople out of their money.  One day a store clerk named Betty was given too much money by a customer and she returned the overpayment to the person which caused everyone to call her a fool, even the person that overpaid her. But as she did this a giant light burst from an old dead tree stump in the center of town and stayed there for many, many months.  

On boy in town started charging people for a tour to meet the Sun Sparkler and while on one of these tours a little girl asked how the light worked and the boy lied to her.  The little girl turned directly to the light and asked how it worked and the light dimmed, frightening all the people in Darkville.  As a crowd drew to see what happened the Sun Sparkler grew bright again and told everyone that she was there because of Betty's integrity, honesty, and kindness.  That all things are possible when you are kind to those around you.  The Sun Sparkler said she would say as long as there was good in the world and good in Darkville. Everyone hung on her words; the boy giving the tour returned the money to the girl that prompted the Sun Sparkler to speak and she gave the money to charity.  The next day everyone began living and working with the motto of being honest and kind to one another. 

The Meaning
The meaning of the Sun Sparkler is that of radiating abundance and kindness.  When we are kind to those around us and when we are generous to those who need it, we draw that abundance to us.  Betty's actions drew the light and power of the Sun Sparkler to Darkville, and we do the same to ourselves and our homes when we are kind and honest to those we encounter.  It's a classic Law of Attraction idea and how the power of that process can manifest miracles for us if we work it in such a way. 

The Sun Sparkler appears when we need to either be reminded of the need to be kind to others or it can appear when we need to reminded that our work is garnering rewards for us!  She calls to you today to ask you "Have you been kind to others?  What can you do to spread and share your light of abundance in order to draw more light and abundance?"

For Today...
Take a little time today to find a small action you can do for someone else that might be no big deal or you but a big deal for someone else.  Do you have an elderly neighbor that might need their lawn mowed or their dog walked?  Offer to do it for nothing!  Donate a little money to a favorite cause...most charities take even small donations of $10; you don't have to be rich to donate to a worthy cause!  Do you have a story of hope or miracles from your own life that might inspire others to keep pushing for their dreams?  Share it!  Sharing even something like that can give others a huge boost in their life by seeing what's happened to you!
If you need a boost today for yourself bring in the power of sunny yellow and call on the Sun Sparkler to help guide you to your inner guiding light of integrity.