Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today's Goddess Card - Brigid

Today's Goddess Oracle Card
Brigid - Inspiration

Today's Goddess Oracle card is the Celtic Goddess Brigid, a Goddess that many will be familiar with so today we're going to focus mainly on her message for today, right now.  But we'll look really quickly at who she is for those that may not be familiar with her.

Brigid's name is often spells and pronounced in different ways based on where her stories come from in the Celtic lands (it's important to remember that when we talk about the Celtic world we are talking about a large area of the British Isles that reaches far beyond the modern day country of Ireland).  I personally tend to spell her name Brighid and pronounce it Bree'd, though you may also hear it pronounced Bridge'id.  She will also be familiar to many people through her Catholic incarnation as Saint Brigit.  Her name means "bright", some say "bright arrow", and she is a triple Goddess in the Celtic pantheon serving as a Goddess of smithcraft, poetry, and healing.  In all these things we see the running theme of inspiration. Brigid inspires the power of creativity and healing within us.  She is said to have been born of fire and that she caries the igniting power o fire within her soul.  In 450 AD when she was adopted as a Catholic Saint she was given the story of being the daughter of a Druid who was skilled goldsmith and healer. 

In this card Brigid is calling on us to do things to strengthen out inner flames of creativity.  When we're felling a lack of inspiration, or feeling that we aren't able to get on track with something we can always call on Brigid to help us with strengthening our flame.  Inspiration and seeing with the light within in order to light our way in hte world is part of what allows us to have a spiritually driven life. Without Brigid and without that flame of inspiration life can be dull and lacking a feeling of fulfillment.  It's the pursuit of these inspired and spiritually focused things that help to nurture us through life.

One thing that many people tend to do as they get older is to stop doing things that bring out our creative and inspired side.  People stop pursuing their creative interests like art and expression because they aren't things tied to their career paths or family responsibilities.  Personally I think this is a shame.  I find that when I work with clients who are dealing with feelings of sadness, blockages, feeling out of place and out of synch it's often due to the fact that they don't take creative time for themselves.

Today be sure to set a little time aside for doing something creative. This can be as literal as painting, drawing, or writing something or it can be more esoteric like doing creative visualization, doing a guided meditation, or going on a shamanic journey to meet with a guide to help you with unleashing your inspirational flame.  Find ways to seek out your life's inspiration and call on the power of Brigid to help direct you.

Interesting note...yesterday's visit by Ix Chel, who spoke to us about creativity, and today's message from Brigid about inspiration should show a little bit of a pattern...go make something special today!!