Monday, July 25, 2011

Tarot for the Week 7/25 to 7/31

It's been a while since the tarotscopes have been posted but it's time for them to come back and I thought we'd get back into the swing of things by looking to see what the cards have to say for this week.  Next week you can bet that there will be tarotscopes for the month of August posted too!  In honor of the Gaian Tarot be released to the masses by Llewellyn in September, I'm going to be doing all the tarotscopes between now and the deck release with my collector's edition Gaian Tarot.  As anyone who's been following the tarotscopes knows, I love this deck and it's one of my absolute favorites in the last few years. I haven't had such an instant connection to a deck in a long time and it's one of the few "lighter" decks (as opposed to things like the Bohemian Gothic Tarot) that I have developed such a strong connection to.  Be sure to check out the Gaian Tarot website and pre-order the deck from Amazon!  It's fantastic.

And now, this week's cards!
Six of Air
Child of Fire
Nine of Air

(for reference, in this deck, Air translates to Swords and Fire translate to Wands)

At the start of the week we have the Six of Air come through.  Whatever is old and stale and isn't working needs to be released this week as it's time to start to greet the day with a song in our hearts, one that sings of hope and new beginnings.  You might find that this is best done by taking time early in the week to connect with others of like mind that can support you in and releasing work or transitions that you might need to work on.  Be thankful for these experiences but if it's time to move on, it's just time to move on.  There isn't much more you can benefit from by holding on to old and tired ways.  If you're having a hard time finding what to be thankful for, honestly take a moment to look around at those who are dealing with less than you and how they are living and struggling.  Realizing there are people who don't even have the means that you do to be able to read this very message can help make you feel instant gratitude for the little things.

Mid-week will be a time for taking some of your renewed inner fire and putting it to work.  There is a wonder that comes with realizing that you have such great power to let go of something if you just say "no".  You can truly create the life you desire if you take control.  You may find that others who have been around you, supporting you and offering their words of kindness in the past, will be there this time as well to support any changes that you're ready to make.  Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew to start off.  Dream big but take practical steps toward achieving those dreams.  New opportunities will be coming your way thanks to your clearing the way, but make sure to find them and use them wisely.  Don't jump into the fire if you're not ready!

And by the end of the week you may find that you have worn yourself down a bit.  The excitement of new growth and new chances for ways to use your inner fire and creative spirit may have you feeling a bit out of it.  You might also find that, while these new things are wonderful, there are feelings of loss and regret for the things that didn't work out so well.  The trick will be to push those thoughts aside, going back to the work and techniques used at the beginning of the week, to help push aside those feelings.  Be sure to also give yourself some time to adjust to the changes.  Nothing happens overnight and you need to make sure that you're getting rest and giving yourself some downtime.  If you do too much pushing ahead too quickly you're only going to burn yourself out.

Are you interested in getting a little bit more of a boost to your days this week?  Be sure to also visit my daily blog, One Witch's Way, to read my daily growth and spiritual post series entitled Your Radiant Soul.  The information in these posts can help to motive you and give you some tips for moving through difficult transitions and finding new ways to work with your ability to create the life you desire!