Friday, July 22, 2011

Today's Card - Navy Trail

Today's Color Wisdom Card
Navy Trail

Today's card is Navy Trail.  When I first spent a little time looking at this card, to be honest, I didn't know what to think about it.  The first thing that came to me was choices and direction, the path you take and where it leads.  Knowing where you're going and being firm on that path. The message with the card is "When I am somewhere else, my life will have meaning."  So I didn't really know what to think!
The card comes from the family of blue colors.  Blues are colors of truth, loyalty, communication, spirituality, and expression.  Most of the blues here in the deck deal with communication and truth in some form.  Working with blue can help you with redefining your truth path and give you a chance to refocus your efforts.  Navy is a dark blue color that takes both the essence of blue and the unknown of the dark and combines them.  The card is defined here as being a card that starts a quest and it's the first of the blue cards in the deck.  With this navy blue we are able to delve a bit into the dark and find the truth in things that may have us feeling uncertain.

The brief
The tale of the Navy Trail takes us to a town called Blue.  In this town a Navy Trail was found running through the town, starting at the edge of town and ending at a swamp.  Nobody ever walked the trail because of the fear of what would be on it or at the end of it.  Leeches, crocodiles, and all manner of incests would certainly be there, so nobody walked it.  That was until one day when Mrs. Patriot, the oldest woman in Blue, decided that she was going to walk the Navy Trail.

The wisest child in town came to see her and asked why she was going to walk to trail and venture into its darkness.  The woman said that she has learned that truth doesn't come easy but it has great reward.  She has to cross the swamp in order to find her truth.  But the child persisted.  "Why now?"  The woman said she had to be ready to make the journey.  But as she glanced over her shoulder out the window the swamp was gone.

She accused the child of making the swamp disappear and the child explained that the swamp only exists as a way to keep people from facing their true selves.  The woman looked down and saw that the Navy Trail was under her feet where she stood and the child explained that it had been there all along.  "Once you realize that your life is where you stand, the Navy Trail will reflect that for you."  It's not really real but merely a way we keep ourselves from making that journey of truth.  It will appear for anyone who believes their life would be better elsewhere and they will continue to see it until they realize their lives are happening right where they stand.  
The Meaning...
The Navy Trail is a card the reminds us that sometimes we set off on personal quests that we really don't need to be on just because we feel we have to learn a lesson the hard way.  Sometimes we think we haven't learned a lesson yet and we try and force ourselves into certain experiences when we have in fact mastered the lesson in a much gentler way in the past.
The overall idea here is that before you go walking any more trails or taking any more life lesson type adventures, gain some perspective on your life now as it is.  Are you missing what you already have learned because it just didn't come as hard won life lessons?  Do you feel you haven't learned something because you lack the battle scars or the worn shoes from walking a long path?  In the story a child, wise as he is, is able to see that the oldest woman in town had learned her lessons and was already on her life path; even in his child-view of the world he knew that she didn't need to go into the swamp of darkness to find answers.  She had them with her all along.

For Today...

If you're feeling like you're seeing the swamp on your path and you feel that you have to deal with a dark and unknown adventure before you get to the other side where things will be rosy, get perspective.  We so rarely are able to truly see ourselves for who we are and we need to have those we love and trust remind us sometimes of how we are perceived in the world.  If you're not feeling successful, ask some friends how they view your success.  If you're feeling that you're not living your life's path, ask those you work with who you feel you can trust to give you their view on your contributions and how you're doing.  Then ask yourself what you really feel is missing from your life that you need to make these journeys. 

You might also fine that seeking your inner truths about yourself as a way to create a touchstone for knowing who you truly are.  Find a few things that you know to be true about yourself and write about them in a journal. How do you know these are the things that are truly part of you and who you are? How did you discover these things?  How you feel these things work for you in the world?