Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Card - The Carrot Colored Cloak

Today's Color Wisdom Card
The Carrot Colored Cloak

So we're back to the Color Wisdom Cards after some time away, and I've actually had this card sitting on my desk for the last couple of weeks.  I didn't give much thought to it, and figured that I'd still work with it when I was getting back to the posts.  And naturally it had quite the message that was befitting the situation with this and some other things that were going on with me personally.  

So today's card The Carrot Colored Cloak is an card from the orange family.  Orange colors are active, powerful colors for courage, optimism, and motivation.  It's a color to call on when you have work to do with other people and you want to inspire them.  It's also a great color for bringing out your social side.  Carrot is a color for movement.  When you use the color carrot you're able to push through things, move ahead on projects and work when you're feeling suck or at a hump, and it's a color that can inspire action from within.  The message with the card is "Don't quit before the miracle!"

The brief...
The story of The Carrot Colored Cloak is about a woman named Shannon, an actress who has always worn her favorite carrot colored cloak when she was on stage.  Shannon believed that the cloak itself had a power to mesmerize the audience and make her seem more amazing than she thought she was.  To her the cloak had a great power.  The cloak had  become so worn and tattered because Shannon rarely ever took it off since she felt that it was the symbol of her talent and power. 

Shannon worked hard to get her name out there and to do well as an actress with the roles that she would get.  But she longed for the security that she saw her other friends have.  They had more conventional jobs and were able to take vacations, have nice things, and go to the nicest places.  They all thought that Shannon had a glamorous life but she didn't have a lot of money and wasn't able to take vacations other than trips to visit home. Shannon, in comparing herself to her friends, realized she wasn't happy.  
Shannon came to feel that her carrot colored cloak was not longer attractive to her.  She hadn't gained the fame she thought it would bring her so she tossed it off and was ready to give up.  She called to the Goddess in a moment of desperiation and the Goddess appeared, telling her that there is a reason for everything and that she's on the path she needs to be on.  The Goddess told her to put the cloak back on and keep going.  But it was too late and Shannon walked away from her cloak and decided she needed to try and take a different path.
Little did she know that if she'd stayed on track and pushed ahead a role that she didn't get before would now come to her because the person that had been chosen over her originally wouldn't be able to make the commitment and her breakthrough would have come with that role.  But she lost her faith and gave up and so another actress would come to don the carrot colored cloak and take Shannon's place on her path. 
The Meaning...This card is about keeping your faith and staying on track with what you're doing, even when it seems hopeless or like you're getting nowhere.  We don't always know where our path is going and we don't know when the miracles are going to come on the path.  The cloak is a metaphor for the path and the work or goals that we have. The dream is the cloak and naturally it's a bit worse for ware over time and things might not always be perfect and shiny new.  But rather than seeing these as signs of failure we should see them as signs of what we've learned and experienced on the journey (the journey and not the destination has been a recurring theme with me this week...this post talks about that too).

When we quit before we get the chance for the miracle to unfold we never know where things were going to go.  You have to give things time.  Don't toss things to the side when they don't happen the way you want or in the time you want them to manifest.  Sometimes we have to take a few other turns before we get to the place we need to be. 

For Today...
Remember that if you want something you need to visualize it and create it but you still have to do the work to make it happen.  What are you after?  Start with defining it.  Define your dreams, and don't be afraid to dream big, you deserve it!  Write it out and write down your dreams and how you want them to manifest, but don't be so attached to the how part.  What this does is help you to feel a way to finding them.  When you can see it, and feel it, you can dream it into being.  

Now the next trick is to hang with it.  Don't throw it off when it doesn't work right away, don't run away in the other direction!  Ask the Divine for help and support when you're feeling lost and stuck, but stay with it.  Your miracles will come!