Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today's Card - Cool Lemonade

Today's Card
Cool Lemonade

This is one of my favorite cards in the deck and it's also one of the cards in the deck that has made me cry when I've sat down to read the stories attached to them.  The message that comes with Cool Lemonade is "My prayers got answered."  
The card is part of the yellow spectrum, the place where we find wisdom, precision, innovation, and creativity.  The yellow cards and the shades of yellow all have something to do with the process of manifestation.  Lemon yellow is a color that is calling us to pay attention to our inner, bright flame of wisdom.  There is a bright path full of answers for us to listen to and follow but that path doesn't always come in a simple form in the physical world; often it manifests on the inner level as part of our spiritual path.

The briefThe story in Cool Lemonade takes place as a man and his grandson sit sipping lemonade on a hot summer day after having worked in the fields planting together.  The grandfather is reminded as he sits with his grandson that had his prayers for the life he wanted been answered he wouldn't be sitting there enjoying this time together or drinking the delicious lemonade that they were sharing.  

Originally he wanted to go to the big city, leaving the farm behind, in order to be a preacher so he could help people get on a better path in their lives.  He prayed for this and asked God to make it happen.  The day came for him to leave but his truck broke down, so he stayed.  When his truck was fixed and he was ready to go storms and floods came and he couldn't imagine leaving his parents behind to deal with the mess alone, so he stayed.  He prayed again for signs about this path he wanted to take and when his mother won a new suitcase at bingo they took it as a sign that it was time for him to leave. 
As he was packing the night before he was to leave his father came in his room to talk with him, something that rarely ever happened.  He told him to always listen to what the Lord intended for him, not what he wanted for himself; that he should listen to that inner guidance and if he listened to the voice within and followed it he would always end up where he needed to be.  His father stood in the door and hold him he loved him and then he went off to bed.  His father died that night in his sleep, and so once again he stayed.  
When the funeral was over his mother begged him to go and live his dreams but he thought of the words from his father and his advice to always listen to what that guidance we telling him.  He knew that God was letting him know that he was right where he needed to be and that spending his time and life trying to tell other people what path to take wasn't the real path for him.  

In the end as he reflected on his life in this brief moment he realized that never was disappointed with how things turned out and that, in its own way, those prayers were answers and he had the life he was meant to have.

The Meaning...The meaning behind Cool Lemonade is simple; when we pray to the Divine, in whatever form it take for us, and was ask for answers to our prayers we need to actually listen for the answers rather than filtering and interpreting them in a way that ends up fitting out desires.  When we're asking the God, Goddess, Great Spirit, or Divine for help with a situation or guidance with a problem we should be open to hearing and seeing those answers and that guidance.  What's the point, really, if you're just going to do what you want anyway or ignore the answers when they comes because it isn't what you wanted or expected? One of the first keys to developing a true spiritual relationship with the Divine is to listen and accept what you receive without judgement.  Once you apply those things to your life you adjust things from there.

For Today...
How have your prayers been answered?  Are there certain prayers that you feel never really were answered because they didn't play out the way you wanted?  Think back on those things and find where they really were answered.  What things did you get in place of what you wanted or expected and where did that take you?  Did any of your "unanswered" prayers lead you to a Cool Lemonade moment?  You'll find that you're prayers have been answered more times than you think with you take this different perspective with them.