Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today's Card - Kelly the Green Dragon

Today's Color Wisdom Card
Kelly the Green Dragon

Today's card comes from the green spectrum.  Green is a color of growth, balance, healing, prosperity, and hope.  Green brings balance and reminds us that being balanced and grounded makes it easier for us to manifest our true desires.  This particular shade of green, kelly green, is the color most commonly seen with the heart chakra; or as I like to think of it it's the green where our heart chakra grows from.  This shade of green is the green of unconditional love and our desire to reach out to others and make heart connections.  

This card carries with it the message "The temper is as guilty as the thief."  The tone of Kelly the Green Dragon is that we need to be mindful of growth and prosperity when it comes into our lives.  It can create greed when before there was just desire.

The brief
The story with this card is about a dragon from Texas named Kelly.  Living alone and far from home, Kelly has few friends and is missing his family back home.  One day he wakes up in is cave and realizes how hungry he is.  So he goes out into the cold, snow covered winter landscape to search for some food.   He finds a giant green Texas Acorn which he picks up and decides he'll take home and eat later.  Kelly takes a break from walking and sits to think about what he'll eat later and thinks again about his home in Texas that he misses.

Kelly doesn't know this but Squirrel has been watching him from his window in his tree.  Squirrel saw the giant acorn bob past the window and instantly thought to himself that he had to have it, even though he had gathered more than enough regular acorns to last through the winter.  Squirrel, who lived a very comfortable life, wanted the giant green acorn so he could enter it in the town's annual acorn contest.  It was the biggest he'd ever seen so he'd win hands down! 

Squirrel devised a plan. He took a basket, filled it with leaves and twigs, and carefully laid some regular acorns across the top to make the basket look full.  Squirrel knew the Dragon wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the sizes but he's sure notice the difference in quantity.  Certainly he'd take a basket full for his one acorn.  So Squirrel went out and started chatting with Kelly.  They got a long beautifully and had a pleasant conversation.  Then Squirrel commented on the giant acorn.  Kelly saw the basket behind the Squirrel and instantly offered up the giant acorn and with his tail carefully picked up the basket without Squirrel even noticing.  Squirrel took off, forgetting all about the basket, and went home happy to have what he was after.
Kelly sat down, ready to dive into his basket of acorns, but when he turned it over and emptied it he realized he'd been tricked.  Kelly let out a howl and roar so loud that it shook the forest.  He began to charge after the trail that Squirrel left behind but the train just ended at a tree and there were no signs of where he'd gone and the acorn was nowhere to be found.  Kelly realized that his greed got the better of him and he now had no choice but to gather up the few small acorns he had and go home.  
Squirrel didn't fare any better.  He was disqualified from the acorn contest because he couldn't provide the judges with proof of the origin of the tree that it came from and the acorn ended up on display in the Squirrel Museum...and how that came to be is apparently a story for another time.

The Meaning...We live in a world where bigger is better but more is always the desired end result.  When we like something we just have this need to have more of it, to possess it, to hoard it.  In the case of Kelly, he had exactly what he needed but the idea of having more appealed to him because he knew that if he ate the one acorn now he'd be hungry later but with the prospect of having a basket of them he'd been fine for a day or two.  Squirrel, slick as he was, also found that his trickery and greed wouldn't get him what he truly desired either and he was also left to deal with the results of his shady actions.
Be thankful for what you have, even when it isn't much.  There are also people with less and just because you have more doesn't mean you're going to be happier or that your life will be perfect.  

The other message with this card is about trust and friends.  When you open up your heart and trust another, stop and ask yourself first "why".  Why do you trust them?  Is it because they have something you want or because you truly have a connection with them?  Ask friends for help when you need it and don't be ashamed of doing it because certainly you'd reciprocate if you were asked.

For Today...Consider how greed plays into things in your life.  Do you find greed to be an kind of element to any of your relationships?  Is there something about having more that you feel driven by?  What fuels that for you? Greed and trickery go hand in hand.  In this card both Dragon and Squirrel have greed and tricks motivating them.  What motivates you from time to time?  How has your own greed failed you later?