Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few Updates!

I have been waiting to post an update about what's happening with the tarot blog and where things are going here until I had a chance to breathe!  I've been so incredibly busy finishing up the tarot book, getting that ready to be released, and now getting ready to move across country in a few weeks that I haven't had the chance.  But I finally know what's going on so here we are with an update!
Starting with the October tarotscopes the monthly and weekly tarot readings will be back! I'm also going to be bringing back the Color Wisdom Card posts on October 10th.  With those posts I'll be doing the same thing as I'd been doing before, sharing the stories of the cards and then the message the card is bringing through that day.  I'm going to also work to expand on those cards a bit...but how that's going to go is still yet to be determined.  I just know they need some extra attention.
A few other things to be aware of and to make note of...
"Within The Cards" is out!  Be sure to visit the book's page on my One Witch's Way blog for details about how to purchase your copy!  I will have paperback copies available for sale in a week or so while the e-book versions for Kindle, Nook, and other eReaders (.mobi, .epub, PDF and more) are available now!

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