Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new book "Within The Cards" is here!

After months of delays and problems and just about every little thing that could get in the way came and went, it's finally here and ready for you! My new tarot book "Within The Cards" is done, out there, and for sale! There is one catch though. Right now I only have the e-book versions available; the paperback version will be available in a few weeks though! Now, here are some of the important details!

Cover by the wonderful Devin Hunter!
E-books are funny things! Every eReader is different so the format of the e-book is missing the graphics and some of the formatting that you would see in a print book. The reason being that not all eReaders render images the same and even with trying to work the images for this book into this format there was a really good chance that it wouldn't come out right. SO, with that said, if you purchase the Kindle, Nook, or other e-book version you'll be missing those images and instead you'll have descriptions of things like layouts. The one electronic version that hasn't lost anything is the PDF version. Here you'll get an exact copy of the print book but in electronic format for your computer, iPad, etc. So basically you get to pick your poison with this. :)

The e-book versions are $15.
The paperback version will be $24.99

The page count varies based on what version you buy but I can tell you the paperback will be approximately 340 pages. As soon as the paperback versions are proofed and ready to go I'll be sure to let everyone know but since most people I've talked to are looking for Kindle or iPad versions, I wanted to get them out there right away rather than waiting for the traditional books to be ready.

So, are you ready?! Here's where you can go to purchase yours!

For the full PDF version, click this button to purchase with PayPal and go to a direct download!
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For all other e-book formats (.mobi, .epub, RFT, LRF and more) go here!

I'm so excited and have spent so much time writing what I think is a great all-around tarot book for anyone interested in the cards or anyone that works with the cards now. Here's another rundown of the contents of the book...


Chapter 1 - A Deck of Possibilities
A short look at tarot history and its origins.

Chapter 2 - Choose Your Weapon
Picking a deck, getting to know it, and preparing it for use as a powerful tool for insight and magick.

Chapter 3 - The Fool’s Journey
A look through the major arcana and the symbols and messages in the cards.

Chapter 4 - Seeing the Details
A look through the minor arcana and the symbols and messages in the cards.

Chapter 5 - Meeting the Courts
A look through the royal arcana and the symbols and messages in the cards.

Chapter 6 - Tarot Grows on Trees
A brief look at the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, its influence on the tarot, and how its structure can help us get more meaning and understanding from the cards.

Chapter 7 - Working with the Sight
Learning to develop your psychic abilities with a variety of exercises and tips to read the cards intuitively.

Chapter 8 - Cracking the Code
Using colors, animals, symbols, and numerology to go even deeper into the messages within the cards and your readings.

Chapter 9 - The Tarot Road Map
Working with and creating your own tarot spreads for just about any purpose.

Chapter 10 - Reading with Honor
The importance of reading ethically and how to create your own personal set of ethics for your readings.

Chapter 11 - Becoming the Reader
Setting the right tone for doing readings and how to really step into the role of the reader.

Chapter 12 - Do It Like A Pro
Moving from tarot hobbyist to tarot professional with tips for starting a tarot business and discussions on the somewhat tricky subjects of charging for your readings.

Chapter 13 - Magickal Tarot
Working with tarot for magick and manifestation, including how to create your own tarot spells, both simple spells with just the cards and ones that take it to the next level with candles, crystals, and herbs. Sample spells are included for things like attracting a new love, protection from gossip, fixing a damaged relationship, releasing crossed conditions, healing an alcohol addiction, and more!

Chapter 14 - Personal Exploration
Using the tarot for meditation and journaling to help you learn and discover more about yourself!

Easy access to correspondence sheets from throughout the book, worksheets for different exercises from the book, and a list of recommended books and websites to grow your practice.