Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Oracle Deck! Color Wisdom Cards

Back image of the Color Wisdom Cards
For the next few weeks I'm going to be working with an oracle deck that I picked up last year but haven't really spent a lot of time working with.  There are a few reasons why I haven't really taken the time to get to know this deck terribly well so I hope that while working with them during these coming weeks. This is an interesting and unique card set created by intuitive reader and all around spiritual guide Tori Hartman.  The deck, Color Wisdom Cards, is a deck of 51 beautifully illustrated and richly colored cards (illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin who unfortunately passed away earlier this year) which depict storybook type scenario tied to a specific color. Together the story and the color deliver a number of messages and healing opportunities for the reader and client. 

This is a really unique deck in a lot of ways.  It's also a very difficult deck in a lot of ways.  The deck comes with a very large book, 393 pages big!  The cards have very cute and often whimsical names like Dancin' Daisy and Bernie Banana and All Things Yellow. The cards are divided into major colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and neutrals.  Then each of the cards have their own individual color, for example Righteous Raspberry is classified as a red card but she also has her own individual color which is raspberry.  So you have the energy and elements of the greater color red as well as the individual aspects of raspberry.  This adds a lot of depth to he messages that the can be derived from the card.

Each of the cards have a lengthy entry in the book.  The sections in the entries include Color Definition, Inspiration, Meditation, Connect With Yourself, Connect With Others, and the story of the scene depicted in the card.  All of this provides a really diverse and in-depth interpretation for the card and ways to use the card for connecting to the energy of the card and how to use it.  This is one thing that I love about this book that comes with the deck.  Many decks miss the mark on really providing more than just the author's interpretation for use in divination, but you can't say that about this deck and it's guide book! 

The back of the book provides some reading spreads and interpretation guides.  But these cards can be used for so much more than readings! So it's a great to have so many ways to work with these when you're not doing card readings.  You can make them part of your meditation work and they could also be used easily for spell and ritual focus; the way they show scenes and images to get across some of their messages you could simply visualize putting yourself in those scenes for your spell work. 

While all of these things are great pluses because it makes these cards so diverse it does make them hard to really be simple or quick reading cards.  If you take the time to study the book and the cards and then start working with them you might feel more comfortable with using them that way, but frankly I have a hard time doing that and with a deck like this I just feel so tied to the book because there's just SO much going on, and I'm not really deep into color interpretation, so I just need to look at what's presented there.  That makes the deck a little hard to just pick up and use at any given moment, at least for me right at this point.

Over these next two weeks the daily card is going to be posted here as a full blog post in order to give the space to convey the story within the card, the messages about the colors, and the overall read of the card.  To get things started, just to give a feel for the cards, I'm going to share a three card spread to look at how these cards might be able to help us, mind, body, and soul, over the next two weeks.  I wont be covering the cards with the same depth I'll be doing on a daily basis since this is just a taste.  But hopefully this will give you an idea of what there is to work with.

Mind:  Topaz
"If I seek peace, I must embrace my fears."
Topaz is a color that changes, it's always in motion and it's a color that is made of many other colors.  But all the colors that make it up are connected to the element of earth.  Topaz, as a character in the card, is a spiritual elder who comes to share the most important truth that in order to find peace we have to face our fears.  Our hearts and mind can never be at peace when there is fear that will hold us back.  We need to spend less time and energy avoiding the things we fear and instead put that energy and effort into facing and dealing with the problem.

Body: Aqua People
"I need more, better, bigger.  Yes, that will make me okay."
Aqua is a mix of blue and green, colors of communication and unconditional love.  Together we see that with aqua we are able to work on how we communicate and connect to other people from a place of love and truth.  Here the Aqua People are well to do party guests, all work colleagues enjoying what many might call "the good life".  They are gathered at a cocktail party high atop the city, talking about how much money they're making and how they want more; more money, more things.  But an old man appears and shares some words, telling them that where he's from people don't strive to please the self but instead they work to please others.  "You must no longer ask for more, but do well with what you have."  The Aqua People is all about being happy to have what you have and to find abundance in that.  So many times we just always think that more is better and that there is always something better out there for us to own, have, and possess.  True abundance comes from within and by focusing on that we can find pathways to that sense of abundant freedom. 

Soul: Reggie Rust
"This path is obstructed.  Re-route."
Reggie Rust has a really interesting energy.  Rust is a mix of red and brown; red is a color of passion and motivation while brown is a color of earthy grounding.  In the card Reggie is dressed in a rust colored cloak and blocking a path through the woods under the blanket of a starry night sky with a full moon.  Reggie Rust blocks the path and creates an impasse, or at least lets you know that there is an impasse there that you need to see.  There is something that needs to be reconsidered and there is a reason that the path you're taking isn't the best.  You might not be able to see it right now but Reggie can so he's letting you know it's time to find another way around.  Sometimes Reggie pops up when we need to be saved from ourselves, so to speak.  He can also be a powerful reminder that we are watched and guided on our path and sometimes that guide has to come to us to deliver us some less than desirable news...that's when you know the messages aren't coming from you and from another source.

So looking at what we can get for the mind we see the need to be open and changeable, to be willing to admit that there are things we might see that are fearful or that might bring up something difficult and that we need to face them and work them out rationally.  In the physical world we may find messages that will help us to find and use the resources we have access to already rather than trying to search for something we don't need.  And in the spiritual realm it may be that we need to take these daily messages and accept that some of them may actually create roadblocks, or show us blocks we didn't know where there, and give up opportunities for growth and change while working around those blocks.

It's a great little deck.  I actually grabbed this one day last week to use for myself.  A few days after my grandmother got sick and ended up in the hospital I was feeling a little uncertain about what was going on and I pulled a card from the deck and pulled Final Sunset.  Just by looking at it, I think you can imagine what some of the messages where with that card.  It helped me in my process of confronting what would inevitably happen a few days later.

So stay tuned for the daily reading with the Color Wisdom Cards over the next two weeks!